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My Journey from

Marketing Consultant to Marketing Blogger

I'm one of those weird people who really, really enjoy what I do. I love marketing so much that it transformed from a nine to five career into a hobby – one that pays me like a career with way better hours.

MarketerDoug.com started as more of a consulting gig for me. I was able to land a few clients with Adwords and organic visibility in SoCal, but I wasn't happy exchanging my precious time for money. I was already working a full-time job (Marketing Director for a corporation) and time was slim between spending time with my wife, playing video games, and growing this little side business of mine.

One evening, I had an epiphany – What if I stopped pushing my services as a one-on-one consultant and focused all of my efforts towards helping people become better marketers?  I could take my insight and years of experience, bundle it up into blogs and podcasts, and give people the real actionable info they need to succeed at marketing their blog, business or website.

So I did, and here we are today! I publish free content 3 times a week in the form of blogs and podcast episodes. The more people I help and connect with great tools and actionable marketing tips, the more I succeed. Now, I make money by making the web a better place. For me, that's a huge win.

My most recommended

Marketing Resources

These resources and those found on my resources page are the very best services, tools, and products in their field. I personally use every product that I recommend for my own business. In most cases, I owe a great deal of my success to the companies who have developed and continue to improve these resources.

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Drip Marketing Automation

#1 for marketing automation and drip marketing emails.

Thrive Themes

The best conversion tools and themes built for WordPress.

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A personal look at

Doug Lundberg

As a marketing professional, I've spent the last 12 years helping restaurants, musicians, marketing agencies, medical professionals, and small business owners from a variety of industries accomplish their marketing goals.

Over the years I have authored several courses and resources to guide business owners down the internet marketing path – many of which are available here on my website.

I'm also a proud alumnus of Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Management, where I earned my degree in Business Management with an Emphasis in Marketing.

Internet Marketing Consultant Doug Lundberg

A few interesting facts you'll learn about me from my blogs and podcasts...

  • I love video games! For the past 10 years I've run a popular video game blog.
  • My wife and I are huge Disney fans. We're Annual Passholders and regularly cruise with Disney.
  • I'm a Trekkie. Currently watching Next Generation with my wife (her first time). She will be assimilated.

Hire a one-on-one

Marketing Consultant

I get asked all the time whether or not I'm still willing to do marketing consulting work. The answer is, "absolutely!" 

I do offer internet marketing or general marketing consulting services for bloggers and small business or website owners looking to improve. The best place to start is my 'Work with Me' page or click the "Consulting Consultation" button.